Mum, dad, brother, sister or friends make their Christmas memorable with an experience of a lifetime.

Each Christmas I get tired of having the same, predictable gift ideas for my family. Perfume again for Mum, Dad’s standard bottle of scotch. Oh yes, a cookbook for my sister.  This year I am going to break away from this rut and the retail nightmare, and instead gift them the experience of a lifetime with Adrenaline.  I have no doubt they will be surprised and delighted at the change of gift idea, and the best thing is it also allows me to avoid the shops.  No parking hassles for me!

These are a few Christmas gift ideas that are on the top of my list.


V8 driving experience

V8 Race Car 4 Lap Drive at Eastern Creek, Sydney

My brother loves maximum thrill and going fast. The best Christmas gift for him is having him strapped in and driving at breakneck speed for 4 laps on a championship track. He’ll get to go to speeds up to 200 kph and be taught professional driving techniques. A Christmas thrill of a lifetime.




Kid skydive

Indoor Skydiving at iFly at the Gold Coast

What a great way for me to get the kids off their devices for a day! A super fun Christmas gift for anyone over 3 years old. What a rush they will get without having to jump out of a plane as they get to have two flights, each equivalent to a free fall skydive from 14,000 feet. They will feel like Superman and I will give them the best kids gift experience ever – thank you Adrenaline!




jet boat sydney

Jet Boating around Circular Quay 30 Mins

I am going to make the most of the sunshine that comes with an Australian Christmas and treat the family to a jet boating experience of a lifetime. They will be so excited to be out on the only boat on Sydney Harbour that can perform the legendary 270 degree spin! Awesome way to see Sydney icons like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Taronga Zoo, and the Opera House.




Hot air balloon

Hot Air Ballooning across the Yarra Valley

Best Christmas Present ever for Mum? Absolutely! I cant want to see the look on Mum’s face when she opens this experience of a lifetime. Pure and unforgettable, this relaxing hot-air balloon flight take you over the Yarra River with breathtaking views of the mountains. Her early morning start will be rewarded with a sumptuous cooked breakfast to follow. Definitely gifting Mum the experience of a lifetime she will never forget.




Quad Biking  at Port Stephens, Stockton Sand Dunes

Perfect gift for the Big Kid at heart. Ideal Christmas Gift for Him that I know will be loads of fun. Tackle the SandPit with mates on 90cc 2 stroke sports style Quad Bikes. They can challenge each other tackling the desert-like terrain or perfect the donut and four wheel drifts. This Christmas Day I will put a big grin on his face when he sees this great experience.