The superstar of Sydney’s skyline, the Harbour Bridge Climb is an unforgettable experience.

Are you ready to take on Sydney’s most famous 1,332 steps? The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an icon, a superstar of the Sydney skyline. And climbing it is the experience of a lifetime. Whether you’ve lived in Sydney for years or are here on holiday, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a must-do thrill for just about anyone.

I was lucky enough to climb the bridge recently with a friend visiting from London. She had made me promise we would climb it when she booked her flights, and I was more than happy to jump in!

After checking in at the office in The Rocks, we got suited up and stepped into our harness – this is when the adrenaline started pumping! All strapped in, our climb leader took us through a few practice ladders, and gave us tips on how best to navigate with the harness. Think climbing a ladder is easy? You haven’t done it above Sydney Harbour before.

Our climb leader ran through a few key safety points too. Everyone was breathalysed before the climb, and you must have a blood-alcohol reading below 0.05. You can’t bring a phone or camera on the bridge with you, but your climb leader will be able to take photos along the way. And lastly, remember everything from your hat, fleece, glasses and of course your harness, needs to be strapped on at all times! Nobody wants to lose their sunnies when they’re up there!

Sydney BridgeClimb Group

Once the group was prepped and ready for the BridgeClimb, we lined up in the tunnel and could feel the excitement building. Clipped on to the safety wire, we would be staying in this lineup for the duration of the climb, so made sure to stand together. Emerging out of the tunnel, we all squeezed through narrow passageways and walked on catwalks, right under the Bradfield Highway. With cars whizzing above, we dared to look down and spotted buildings in The Rocks, the pool on top of the Park Hyatt hotel, and started to catch glimpses of the Sydney Harbour. Then it was time for the four ladders at the southeast pylon – we had to remember our practice rungs!

Surrounded by the buzz of the Sydney traffic, we took on the ladders and the bridge opened out in front of us – it was a magnificent sight! Climbing along the outer arch, we soaked in the unique views of the Opera House on our right. There was plenty of time to stop for professional photos and to chat with the other climbers. There were people from all over the world, taking on one of Sydney’s most famous landmarks, and enjoying the unbeatable 360 view of Sydney Harbour.

Our journey continued along the outer arch until we reached the summit, a whopping 134m above sea level. Once everyone in the group had caught their breath, we celebrated with a group photo as the sun was setting. Then it was time to cross the spine over to the other side of the bridge. This is probably the most daunting part of the whole BridgeClimb! If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking across a catwalk 134m in the air, above that infamous Sydney traffic! Once we crossed over to the other side of the bridge, we paused to take in the views out to the west. If you’re doing the twilight climb like we did, this is where you’ll find the best views of the sunset. And if you’re planning to pop the big question, here could be the perfect place!

BridgeClimb sunset

After a few more photos, we started the descent back down to base. The sun had set by this point in our climb, and the lights of the city stretched out in front of us. Face to face with the Sydney skyline, we could see the Westfield tower, skyscrapers and Circular Quay, and Darling Harbour in the distance. The ferries twinkled on the harbour below us, and even the lights from the cars stuck in traffic looked pretty from up there!

It was getting dark as we neared the end of the climb, so we turned on our headlamps to navigate back down the ladders. We were soon back on solid ground, clipping out of the harness and changing out of those stylish climb suits. We picked up the complimentary group photo from the summit, and decided to splash out on some extra photos too. It was a Sydney experience like no other and an adrenaline rush not to be missed!

You can climb Sydney Harbour Bridge by day or night, check out the full range here.